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Workplace Safety Center

Welcome to the Workplace Safety Center!

Below, you will find a list of common questions, and their answers, relating to all aspects of workplace safety.

Access to Medical Records

What does "Access to Medical Records" Mean?

What Types of Records Can Medical Employees Access?

What is a Medical Surveillance Program?

How Do Facility Employees Access Medical Records?

Air Winches

What is an Air Winch?

When Should I Use an Air Winch?

How do I choose a Type of Air Winch?

What are the Characteristics of a Wire Rope?

How Do Air Winches Operate Safely?

How do you Install & Mount an Air Winch?

What is the D/d Ratio and How do You Calculate It?

What are the Steps to Safe Winch Operation

What Are Common Safe Operation Winch Guidelines for Work Site OSHA Compliance?

How do You Inspect a Winch?

OSHA Compliance Standards Regulation 1917.47

Back Safety and Back Injury Prevention

What are the Common Causes of Back Injuries?

What is the Proper Technique for Safe Lifting?

How Do I Prevent Back Injuries at My Work Site?

Why is it Important to Practice Good Posture for Back Safety?

How Can Ergonomics Improve My Employee Wellness Program?

What Should I Do If a Back Injury Occurs at my Job Site?

Confined Space Awareness

What is a Confined Space Defined by OSHA?

OSHA Confined Space Entry Hazards

Pre-Job Planning for Working and Entering a Confined Space

Drug and Alcohol Awareness

What are the Common Workplace Hazards of Drug and Alcohol Use?

What Negative Impact do Substance Users Have on the Workplace?

What are the Categories of Drugs?

Can Legal Substances Create Workplace Hazards?

What are Drug Screenings and Searches and When are They Conducted?

What Results from a Drug and Alcohol Policy Violation?

Dealing with Affected Employees and the Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Electrical Safety Awareness

What are the Different States of Electricity?

What Effects Does Electricity Have on the Body?

How are Employees Protected from Electrical Hazards at Work?

Emergency Response & Evacuation

Evacuation and Abandonment Differences and Procedures

Prepare for a Worst Case Scenario with an Emergency Action Plan

What is a Workplace Map and Station Bill?

What are the Basic Response Procedures in an Emergency?

What are the Hazards of Survival and Rescue in a Marine Environment?

What are the Steps to Take to Survive an Emergency?

Fall Protection

What is Fall Protection?

Equipment for an Active Fall Protection System

Types of OSHA Fall Protection Systems

What is Active Fall Protection?

How is Fall Protection Equipment Inspected and Maintained?

Fire Prevention and Extinguishing

What are the Elements that Cause Fires to Start?

What are the Goals of Fire Prevention and Fire Safety?

What are Some Common Fire Prevention Precautions?

What is the Correct Response to a Workplace Fire?

What are the Different Degrees of Burn?

Flammable vs. Combustible Materials and Requirements

About Portable Extinguishers (Cartridge Operated, Stored Pressure, and Wheeled)

Fire Safety and Firewatch

Classes of Fire: A, B, C, D, and K

Fire Prevention Steps

What is a Firewatch?

Flashpoints and Industrial Safety

NEC Classifications and Divisions

What do Intrinsically Safe and Explosion Proof Mean?

The Importance of Atmospheric Testing / Air Monitoring

What is Hot Work?

HAZCOM - Hazard Communication

What is HAZCOM?

Which Hazards in the Workplace Does HAZCOM Address?

What is the Most Common System for Labeling Hazardous Materials?

Hearing Conservation Awareness

What are the Signs and Causes of Hearing Loss?

What Devices are Used for Hearing Protection?

MRI Safety - Level 1

What Does "Access to Medical Records" Mean?

What Types of Records can Employees in the Medical Field Access?

What is a Medical Surveillance Program and How Does it Affect Me?

How Do Employees Access Medical Records?


Origins of NORM

What is a Half-Life?

How do Half Lives Relate to NORM: Awareness & NORM: Survey Work??

What Equipment is Appropriate to Wear When Surveying for NORM?

NORM: Survey Pre-Operational Checks

MRI Safety - Level 1

What are Cryogens?

Cryogen Awareness Quenching and Your MRI Machine

General Safe Operating Procedures Around an MRI Machine

Emergency MRI Procedures

MRI Hazards: Missile Effect, Electronics, and Implants

What are the Four MRI Safety Zones?

MR Classification System

Personal Protective Equipment

What is PPE?

What is the Hierarchy of Hazard Control for OSHA?

What Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is Used for Hearing Protection?