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What are the Signs and Causes of Hearing Loss?

Hearing loss is typically cumulative, due to repeated damage over time. Because there is no pain to indicate damage, it is easy to ignore. This damage is also irreversible. Hearing aids only amplify sound. Cochlear implants improve how well you hear a sound, but no current technology can repair the damage of hearing loss.

There are some signs and indicators of hearing loss that employees should be familiar with. Tinnitus is a common sign, and refers to a ringing sound in the ears. Other signs include trouble hearing sounds, normal conversations sounding muffled, and a constant need to turn up the volume on audio devices.

Several factors can contribute to hearing loss. These include heredity and aging, earwax buildup, viral or bacterial infection, disease or other medical condition, head injuries, and excessive noise. Noise refers to unwanted sound, which causes damage at high levels. Your workplace may have excessive noise levels if you have to shout to be heard from three feet away, or if you experience temporary hearing loss.

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