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What Equipment is Appropriate to Wear When Surveying for NORM?

When surveying for NORM, always wear the appropriate personal protective equipment, PPE, and use the proper survey equipment.

In addition to site-specific PPE, rubber gloves and boot covers are generally recommended when surveying for NORM. However, if there is known radiation or contamination present at the site, additional hazard-specific PPE may be needed.

The two instruments frequently used for the detection of NORM are the scintillation detector and the Geiger-Mueller, also known as a GM Counter. Both devices attach to a survey meter which measures radiation or contamination levels. A scintillation detector is normally used for facility surveying, and measures gamma radiation in either micro-Roentgen per hour or counts per minute (cpm).

The pancake probe is a flat, circular probe mainly used for frisking. Most pancake probes detect gamma radiation and beta contamination, reporting the radioactivity in counts per minute.

The survey meter's face will display the radiation or contamination measurements in either an analog or digital format. The scale setting can be set in scales of 0.1,  1,  10,  and 100. The audible response setting can be set to either fast or slow response mode to help identify the location of contamination. The fast response mode is used during frisking and when initially beginning a survey. The slow response mode is used following basic detection to more properly pinpoint the source of radiation or contamination.

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