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General Safe Operating Procedures Around an MRI Machine

Because many precautions need to be taken near the MRI scanner, an MRI DVD is a great way to learn the general and emergency procedures within Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) facilities and hospitals. These facilities must have specific rules and precautions for the areas surrounding the MR Suite. However, some general rules apply to all MR facilities and hospitals.

The most basic and important rule is to only bring MR-compatible equipment into the controlled access areas. All items should be tested and labeled before entering controlled access areas of the facility. The greatest type of hazard is bringing magnetic items into the MR Suite, which can be rapidly drawn into the magnet of the scanner – known as the Missile Effect. The Missile Effect is dangerous, but can be witnessed safely on an MRI DVD. Never attempt to recreate the Missile Effect in person.

Any hand tools or housekeeping supplies used in the magnet room must be made entirely of non-magnetic material such as brass, plastic, rubber or carbon fiber. Never bring power tools or mechanical cleaners, such as floor buffers, into the MR suite. All furniture in the controlled access areas of the MR suite must be completely free of metal, including screws or fasteners.

Surgically implanted medical devices can be negatively effected by the magnet. Pacemakers can malfunction near the MR scanner and aneurysm clips can be pulled out of place. The magnet can negatively affect any metallic fragments, bullets or shrapnel inside the body.

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