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What are drug screenings and searches, and when are they conducted?

Drug screenings and searches help maintain a safe workplace.

If an employee is selected for a screening, they will be given one or more of the following tests: Urinalysis, which is the most common method, a breath alcohol analysis, blood testing, or hair follicle testing.Screenings can usually detect substance use within the last month, and potentially as far back as a year when using the hair follicle test.

Drug screenings can be conducted when an employee is initially hired, at random any time during employment, and when an employee returns from leave. Other times screenings are conducted are post-incident, which happens within two hours of an accident or a near-miss, and when there is reasonable suspicion.

In addition to drug and alcohol screenings, employees can expect searches for contraband. Searches can occur randomly, when there is reasonable suspicion, or after a drug screening has tested positive. Any contraband found will be seized, and illegal contraband will be submitted to the proper  authorities.

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