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Pre-Job Planning for Working in a Confined Space

Pre-job planning is vital before working in a confined space to ensure that employees understand all of the hazards, control methods, and safe entry procedures involved. It includes identifying the procedures to follow in the event of an emergency.

There are four levels of training that apply to permit-required confined space entry. Entrants are the employees who perform work in the confined space. Attendants monitor the entry. Supervisors authorize permits as well as oversee the operation.  Rescue teams perform emergency rescue operations.

Some common safe work practices and procedures used in confined space work include using the buddy system and working in pairs, having a contingency plan in place for each potential emergency situation, and using and following alarm systems. It is imperative that all confined space participants must know the types of alarms, the response to each alarm, and the locations of muster stations. When the order to evacuate is given, time is of the essence. 

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