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What is the Proper Technique for Safe Lifting?

Practicing safe lifting techniques helps reduce the risk of back injuries. Before lifting and carrying loads, ensure that the path you will walk while carrying it has no slip, trip, or fall hazards. Also, know where the load will go and make sure it will fit.

When you lift an object, utilize the safe lifting zone between your shoulders and waist. Lifting objects in this zone minimizes the risk of a back injury.

To properly lift an object in the safe lifting zone, get as close to the object as you can and take a balanced stance with your feet about shoulder width apart. If the object is below your waist, squat down to lift the object, and keep your back as straight as possible. Lift gradually, without jerking, using your leg, abdominal, and buttock muscles and keep the load close to you.

When walking, change directions by turning your whole body rather than twisting your waist. The safe lifting zone also applies to carrying and placing the load.

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