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What Are The Steps to Safe Winch Operation?

Safe winch operation helps protect not only those directly involved, but all those at the worksite. Safely operating an air winch can be summarized by completing four simple steps.

The first step of safe winch operation is performing a job safety analysis, or JSA, and obtaining a work permit, if necessary, before the job. A JSA identifies the potential hazards of each winch operation, then introduces steps to eliminate or reduce these hazards to an acceptable risk level.

The second step of safe winch operation is inspecting the winch and wire rope at the correct intervals. If the winch or wire rope fail any aspect of an inspection, they should not be used.

The third step of safe winch operation is following safe operating guidelines before, during, and after each operation.

The fourth step in safe winch operation is proper winch maintenance performed by authorized personnel. Maintenance helps prolong the life of the winch and helps prevent accidents from occurring.

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