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How Do You Inspect a Winch?

Performing and documenting regular inspections can uncover problems before a serious accident occurs. If the winch or wire rope fails any aspect of an inspection, they must not be used.

Examine all control mechanisms for any indications of damage or excessive wear.

Inspect all limit switches or limiting devices each shift to ensure they are working properly.

Check for any deterioration or leakage in the compressed air system, including all connections and fittings.

The frequency with which wire ropes should be inspected also depends on the work environment, manner, and how often they are used.

Wire ropes in continuous service must be inspected before the first use, before each shift, or more frequently, depending on work conditions and past experience. To properly inspect wire rope it must be un-reeled.

Check all load attaching equipment and rigging for damage, and ensure the work area is clear and free of debris.

Once all components have passed the inspection, carefully re-spool the rope around the drum. Winch operations can now begin.

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