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How do you Mount / Install an Air Winch?

The mounting site for the winch must be a firm foundation, such as steel support beams, that can withstand five times the maximum load rating of the winch. The mounting site should be as level as possible.

The winch should have a support frame that can be secured to the foundation with heavy bolts or welds. If not, a frame must be attached. Always use the mounting bolts designed for the winch. Never use screws to hold a winch in place. If welding a winch in place, ensure all hot work is done by a qualified welder.

Position the winch so that the operator will have easy access to the hand controls, is always facing the load, and will never be positioned between the load and the winch.

Winch operations should never interfere with other jobs, or be stationed in areas where objects could fall and either injure the operator or damage the winch. Plan the load path so that the load does not travel over, or near, other personnel, workstations, or walkways. In situations where the load must travel over these areas, barricade the load path and post a watch to prevent entry until operations conclude.

Position the airline so that it does not create a tripping hazard, and also label the line so that it is not accidentally disconnected during use.

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