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About Portable Extinguishers (Cartridge Operated, Stored Pressure, and Wheeled)

Portable extinguishers serve two main purposes: 1) to extinguish incipient stage fires, and 2) to contain larger fires until more appropriate equipment arrives.
Extinguisher Types

Cartridge Operated Extinguishers

  • Highly effective extinguisher usually containing a dry chemical or dry powder
  • Must be serviced by a trained and licensed person because it involves disassembly and inspection of each part
  • Must be done annually or more often if conditions warrant

Stored Pressure Extinguisher

  • Most widely used and can contain the widest variety of agents
  • Most common type is ABC

Wheeled Extinguisher

  • Larger, more powerful version of the cartridge and stored pressure types
  • Used where maximum fire protection is needed, such as a heliport or other critical area

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