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How important is Reporting Incidents in the Workplace?

January 7th, 2013

Sometimes, in the ever-increasing pressure of the race towards an accident-free workplace, we can lose the importance of tracking any potential errors. After all, you get rewarded when there are no mistakes. So why say there are? But the importance of reporting incidents in the workplace cannot be overstated.

An Incident is any unplanned and undesired event which adversely affects the completion of a task. Even if an incident doesn't directly cause an injury this time, it still must be reported so that it work happen again. An injury-free workplace is great. An incident-free workplace is even better.

It is the responsibility of employees to report all incidents so they may be investigated and analyzed. Our training film covers accidents, near misses, root cause analysis, and everything else necessary for teaching your employees about incident reporting. It is ideal for pre-shift safety meetings or behavior-based programs, and provides a high-quality visual reference to be used as part of any safety training program.

 Reporting Incidents in the Workplace
 Incident Reporting Safety DVD

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